Carol Maccallum from Just Skin answers some of our burning questions

When we are in Cape Town, we love visiting Carol Maccallum at Just Skin in Green Point. Carol and all of her staff have a passion for skin which is so hard to match! Her advice, products and treatments are such a treat and we could not recommend Just Skin highly enough. To get to know Carol a little better, we asked her a few questions…
PD: What would be your advice to women who are keen to start their own businesses?
CM: My advice for young women who want to start up their own business would be firstly to do their homework well. Have a business plan, check out the competitors, area, location etc. Start small and build up gradually. But most importantly, take a leap of faith and ‘Just Do It’.
PD: What made you start Just Skin?
CM: My motivation for starting a new clinic again came naturally as I needed a new challenge and saw a gap in the Cape Town market for my specific type of business.
I had been in this industry since my early 20s, and had recently sold a busy clinic in Natal. I missed the business and so I decided it was time to start again. It was quite a challenge, especially in a new market and slow economy, but sometimes you just need to challenge yourself and believe in yourself.
PD: What is your ‘life philosophy’?
CM: My philosophy in life has always been to keep a good balance. Whether it be between family, friends, work, social time, travel, fitness and of course the spiritual side, which is extremely important to me.
PD: Tell us about one key thing you have learnt over the years whilst running your business?
CM: Over the years I have learnt about time management. We all have the same amount of time, but it is how we utilise it. Not procrastinating, being able to make quick decisions and knowing when to delegate – these all help.
PD: What advice do you have to achieving ‘life balance’ and what would be your ‘marriage advice’?
CM: A good balance to me is putting your partner and family before your business, which is not always easy in today’s ‘instant society’.
To keep a long-standing relationship, I would say give each other lots of attention, but keep your individuality, have your own interests so you always have lots to talk about. I always say two are stronger together than one and definitely pray together – it helps when the going gets tough too!
PD: What’s your advice on getting that perfect skin?
CM: The most important advice on keeping skin beautiful is to stay out of our harsh Southern Hemisphere sun and wear sun protection everyday.
If you have UV photo damage already, start with an active skincare regime to repair DNA damage. Have regular skin peels to further the repair process, IPL if necessary and even Fraxel laser. From the early 30s, start with preventative Botox treatments to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Always use the best home care products you can afford and be consistent with your products and treatments.
Remember prevention is much better than cure. Give up smoking, which is extremely damaging to your skin.
PD: What do you look for in your staff?
CM: The most important characteristic when employing staff is passion. You can feel a passionate skincare professional immediately. It is a very dedicated profession and without passion and compassion for people, it doesn’t work.
PD: Where do you love to travel?
CM: The one place in the world I just can’t get enough of is the Seychelles. It is so beautiful.
PD: What is your favourite thing about living in Cape Town?
CM: My favourite thing about living in Cape Town, apart from being the most beautiful, scenic and vibrant place to live, are the four different seasons.
If you are in Cape Town, make sure to visit Carol at Just Skin. You will be simply amazed by her results!
Until next time, take care of yourselves,
Jackie and Colleen


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