Introducing Princess Diamonds Ambassador, Roxy Louw

Here at Princess Diamonds, we are lucky to meet so many wonderful people. Up there with one of the most inspirational women in South Africa is Roxy Louw. Model, surfer, artist, marketing guru and business woman, we are delighted to announce that Roxy has joined us as one of our Princess Diamonds Ambassadors!


We chose Roxy as one of our ambassadors for her strength, beauty (inside and out) and the way she inspires us! To find out a little more about Roxy and all that she has achieved, read on.


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PD: How did you come to get involved with Legacy Collection?
RL: I first spotted Legacy Collection on an Instagram post from Joe Anne Strauss interviewing Charmaine Taylor for Top Billing and I fell completely in love with the range. Not just by the beautiful, rustic, unique jewellery, but by the amazing story behind it. The range is all hand crafted from the original fence on Robben Island.


My Oupa, Matt Louw, is also the oldest man born on Robben Island so the island is very much part of my family. My love for Legacy Collection was instant, it was literally love at first sight and working with such a beautiful person like Charmaine makes it all that much easier. With that, I approached Legacy Collection to start my own story using the original fence from Robben Island, as I wanted to be a part of it. After lots of business travels and an Oslo exhibition with Charmaine, I have now finally found my place in The Legacy home.


PD: And Princess Diamonds?
RL: I met the Princess Diamonds girls at a charity fundraiser for cancer where I had the honour of wearing some of the beautiful diamonds with Joelle Kayembe. Jackie’s charisma, elegance and humble heart stood out so evidently. She is a true inspiration as an artist and a business woman. We connected instantly and started business brainstorming. I like to feel for a brand and when you are working with such creative, beautiful business women all connecting to make a difference, magic happens and I’m excited to be a part of all of this.




PD: From surfing to modeling to PR – your life has been so interesting and your career is just starting! What would you say are your proudest accomplishments so far?
RL: Hehe, yes. I have always managed myself and have been quite business savy with a fine eye for luxury from years of travelling with Oakley international and assisting with the PR and marketing of luxury hotels.


I remember starting off the Kauai brand when their office was still a small shop in Table View, brainstorming menu ideas with my nutritional background and marketing strategies. The brand has just climbed from there. I also assist with the production of my shoots, which makes it a lot more fun and interesting than just being the face of.


I would say my biggest accomplishment is just staying grounded through it all and keeping my roots firm. Family is very important and belief. If it wasn’t for this, I would have been blown away with the whirlwind. From winning FHM 100 Sexiest, to acting in Blue Crush 2 with Universal Pictures and being the face of a huge brand like Oakley international, it’s been a fun career and business is definitely my next step.




PD: Describe yourself in three words
RL: Honest, spiritual, fun


PD: What inspires you?
RL: People, I absolutely love people. Everyone has something to inspire and learn from.


PD: Who is your biggest role model and why?
RL: My dad. He has the most positive attitude – in all the situations he has found himself in.


PD: What do you love?
RL: Family, friends, travel, fine wine, food, a good conversation, camping, art and and and…




PD: What nourishes you?
RL: A good conversation over a bottle of red wine


PD: What would you describe as ‘Luxury Living’? What does this mean to you?
RL: Living in ease, working a bit harder to get that added comfort. With a lot of travelling one needs to feel at home and in comfort.




PD: What do you love about living in Cape Town?
RL: The ocean, the mountain, the people, the variety… Cape Town has so much to offer from wine farms to beaches and mountains.


Photo credit: Hazel Mathias

Photo credit: Hazel Mathias


PD: What are you listening to?
RL: Everything. My music changes with my mood but I am really enjoying local stuff lately. I’m a bit of a sucker for some good deep house.


PD: What are you reading at the moment?
RL: The Road Less Travelled, gifted as a birthday gift


PD:  What’s your all-time favourite film?
Pineapple Express, it’s just so funny. How can you not love it with James Franco and Seth Rogen?


PD: Your dream holiday destination?
RL: Peru, India, Sri Lanka… the places I haven’t been. I love to explore


PD: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
RL: Working as a life coach or on a health retreat with an organic garden, lots of dogs and a handful of kids, near the coast somewhere.


Stay tuned to what Roxy is up to by following her on Instagram. She is honestly one of our favourites!


Thank you, Roxy.


Jackie and Colleen



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