What makes the perfect proposal?

So what makes the perfect proposal? We asked our great friend, Pippa Lund, founder of The Perfect Proposal for her top tips.


1. Ask her father for her hand in marriage

Yes, we know this is very traditional but it may well be important to your future fiancée and the greater family. It can also be a very special moment, even if rather nerve wracking!


2. Organise the ring

It’s magical to have the ring with you when you get down on one knee! But how to choose the ring? We generally say look at what she wears, for example gold, silver or vintage.  Ask her friends or mother but make sure they can keep a secret! And try and find out her ring size – use one of the other rings she wears as a guide.


3. Get those nerves under control

Being organized and having things well planned is key to keeping calm. And rescue drops are also a big help!


4. Arrange her favourite things for the big day

Small details make the proposal more meaningful!  Creativity and originality are very important when it comes to proposals. Remember, it is a story that is told for generations to come – “How did he do it?” It’s the guy’s time to shine – he is in total control – it’s his moment to sweep her off her feet! Does she love red roses? Where is her favourite place? Think of all the little things.


5. Location, location, location

It should be a meaningful place that brings back memories or creates better ones! She needs to feel comfortable in her surroundings – take into consideration other people being around or whether you would prefer something private! The perfect location is a big part of a successful proposal.


6. Keep it a secret!

The more people you tell the more likely it is to get out!  And keep that ring in a good hiding place.


Contact The Perfect Proposal for a proposal that will be simply out-of-this-world! Thank you, Pippa, for sharing your top tips with us.

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