The Princess Diamonds Experience

Princess Diamonds is a Private Bespoke Service specialising in guiding you through the process of buying and creating all your dream diamond jewellery. We will also help you redesign and make you fall in love with your own jewelry all over again.


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How We Work


Princess Diamonds is dedicated to providing you with a one-on-one personalised service, helping you find your perfect piece from our handpicked range of bespoke jewellery or to design your own one of a kind piece.


1. Before the initial consultation we will ask you some questions which will help us prepare some relevant information. We always recommend gathering some images of what you are after.


2. During the first meeting, depending on what you are looking for, we will try and have some images and sketches prepared for you to think about. We will also educate you on how to choose jewelry as well as the best design suited to your needs.


3. Due to the bespoke nature of Princess Diamonds, anything is possible when it comes to designing your dream jewellery. We guide you through the process to make sure we create your dream piece. The design will be either sketched or technically drawn for your approval.


4. Every piece of jewellery we make is expertly handcrafted by master jewellers.


5. We guarantee each of our pieces of jewellery and we will always work closely with you to guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction.


6. If you would like your jewellery cleaned, repaired or upgraded, please talk to us.

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