We chat to Alice Heusser, founder of Lalesso

For a long time now, Lalesso has been one of our favourite brands. Founded by Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway, Lalesso is a luxury African fashion and lifestyle brand which supports entirely transparent, sustainable, eco and ethical production facilities in Kenya and South Africa. Supporting previously disadvantaged ladies in Kenya, the Lalesso range offers the ultimate in quality and simply the most beautiful summer dresses we can imagine. The range is sold worldwide including at Saks Fifth Avenue.




Jackie is so honoured to be a Lalesso ambassador. At our first ever Princess Diamonds event (five years ago), all of our amazing Princess Diamonds ambassadors wore Lalesso – so we are long-time fans! Here Jackie catches up with one of the Lalesso founders, Alice.




PD: What is your favourite city to travel to and why?
AH: This is such an impossible question as there are so many cities that offer completely different experiences yet I love them all! I love Berlin for the palpable creative energy, Barcelona for the late night tapas and wine, London for shopping and the V&A (my favourite!), Melbourne for the amazing food and fashion, Mumbai for the textile markets and Paris for its architectural beauty and late summer evening strolls through the Marais.
Lalesso Zaidi


PD: Where do you crave going back to?
AH: I would love to go back to India.


PD: What hotel would you recommend people to visit once in their life?
AH: The Taj Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur – breathtaking.


PD: What is your favourite book?
AH: My current favourite book is King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild – absolutely fascinating.


PD: What is the number one make-up item you can’t live without?
AH: Mascara!


Lalesso dress


PD: Where’s your secret hidden gem in Cape Town?
AH: The walk around the base of Lion’s Head is breathtaking, the entrance is at the top of Nettleton Road.


Alice was also recently chosen as an Okapi Icon, along with Jackie, and she answered some of their questions. You can read them here.


Be sure to check out the Lalesso range. It’s too beautiful.

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